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Sponsorship Opportunities

Access to Top Advisors

The East Bay chapter is a quality network of over 400 financial services professionals in services such as financial planning, investment management, broker dealer services, group benefits, insurance and annuities, banks/thrifts/trust, law and accounting. Our monthly breakfast meetings are typically attended by about 80-120 members and guests.

Create Brand Awareness

During the business portion at the beginning of each meeting, sponsors are individually recognized to create awareness and encourage familiarity. This includes an introduction to the group as well as logo placement on presentations and the opportunity to display marketing materials and logo items at the sponsor table. Additionally, at each meeting we remind members that sponsors are an integral part of our organization and encourage them to take our sponsors’ calls!
Sponsorship gives you the opportunity to advance your branding and have a greater presence in the East Bay financial services community.

Increase your Efficiency

Take full advantage of the opportunity to see 70-120 advisors consistently, every month. Create better relationships with existing clients by showing them that you support their professional organization through sponsorship, invite non-member clients to join you for breakfast and benefit from the quality speakers and topics we feature. Share the learning experience with your clients and prospects and take the opportunity to follow up on any points of interest or additional insight you may be able to offer. Becoming a sponsor gives you the opportunity to increase time spent with key relationships and prospective clients. For information on how to become a FPA East Bay Sponsor CLICK HERE