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FPA of the East Bay has attracted premier organizations in financial services as sponsors. These experts provide white papers, webinars, and other resources to members in the fields of professional growth, investment management, practice management, lending and insurance solutions, executive coaching, and more. Below is recent content specifically for our members from our sponsors. If you are a sponsor and would like to submit materials for this page CLICK HERE

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Susan Danzig, LLC is a business development firm for Financial Advisors. They are experts in guiding clients to communicate their value and 

execute a personalized marketing plan to attract ideal clients and grow their bottom-line profits. 

Book a quick call with Susan:

Financial Advisor Success Assessment

In 4 minutes, you will identify where you’re on target, the tools to build a healthy practice and the next steps to create a breakthrough in your business.

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Opportunity Zone Program Regulation Update

The Qualified Opportunity Zone Program (“QOZ Program”) final regulations were released on December 19, 2019 by the U.S. Treasury Department, and the IRS has provided additional relief for qualified opportunity funds (“QOFs”) and their investors in response to the COVID-19 pandemic in Notice 2021-10 (“Notice 2021-10”) on January 19, 2021.

As a result, investors now have additional flexibility for certain capital gains realized in 2019 or 2020 that may be eligible for an investment in the QOZ Program until March 31, 2021.

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Virtual Meetings Checklist
Working remotely and communicating virtually have become the new standard. How you present yourself to other takes on a higher level of significance and accountability. That’ why your presentations have to be more than just effective – they need to be a seamless and professional performance.

We’ve prepared this checklist to help your next event go smoothly.

Blackrock Modern Day Math Problems

60-40 vs VA


(415) 676-7801

Market Declines: A History of Recoveries
This is a timely piece from MFS that helps investors understand Market Declines (all the way through the great depression) and the subsequent recoveries.

Unique Traits of World Class Advisors
Excelling in a Virtual World

Meeting handout from our October Meeting featuring Susan Kay

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Cyclical Outlook – Post Peak
Markets appear priced for a benign economic outcome that would be a historical rarity given current conditions. Higher bond yields offer resilience amid increasing risks to the global economy.

Our September Cyclical Forum was the first to be held in London, where the economic situation today reflects what’s happening around the world. The Bank of England (BOE) is nearing the end of a long journey to raise interest rates. This tightening of monetary policy has fueled increased volatility in U.K. financial markets, and there are concerns that the British economy could soon stall or slip into a recession. Similar scenarios are playing out globally as countries continue their efforts to quell the post-pandemic inflationary spike.

Central banks are reaching the end of their tightening cycles on different schedules and with different peak policy rates in sight.

(415) 939-3841

All Value Tilted 2021 Q4
Active Tax Indexing is the process of identifying investment losses in a client’s taxable investment portfolio and selling those securities to recognize the loss.

Those capital losses are utilized to offset gains. This harvesting technique is designed to reduce taxes and improve after-tax returns (i.e.create “tax alpha”). Our approach customizes the portfolio to meet the need(s) of the individual client.

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